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Rosé Season

So, I know it’s not quiiiite spring, but seeing as though much of the country has had some warmer weather lately, I’ve got one wine on the mind: Rosé. FRENCH Rosé to be specific. And to be even more specific, Provençal Rosé. These enchantingly ladylike pale rose-toned wines call to mind more care free days; days spent on the beach, by the pool or simply sitting out in the sun on the driveway in the company of friends. Nothing to check off the never ending to do list, nothing to fear and everywhere to go. Physically, I’m in my office sipping a glass while I write this. Mentally, I’m in Cannes, lying on the beach in a ridiculously large hat without a care in the world. Don’t let the jewel-tone color and elegant nose fool you, these wines are not just to be enjoyed while luxuriating or pretending to — a good rosé deserves to be taken seriously! Pair your next bottle with grilled fish, a big bowl of linguine con vongole, or your favorite chowdah, put on To Catch a Thief and look forward to the warmer, brighter days ahead. 

Wine Recommendation: Chateau Peyrassol Rosé AOP Côtes de Provence