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House Wine

I know I’ve finally reached adulthood because I now have a “house wine.” In my younger, more exploratory years, I was always looking to drink something new and different, rarely drinking the same bottle of wine two nights in a row. Now, though I am constantly trying new wines and pairings, there is one wine that can always be found in my wine fridge, cold and ready to drink at the end of a long (typically humid) Florida day: Albariño.

Albariño has the high acid and salinity of a white burgundy with rounder more generous citrus fruit and melon, also a weightier mouthfeel. Most Albariños come from either Spain, particularly the Rías Baixas region, or Portugal. Albariño is my white comfort wine and it can be easily enjoyed on it’s own, with a simple salad or with really any fish dish. Try it with fish tacos on Cinco de Mayo  — and thank me later. 

Wine Recommendation: Martin Codax Albariño, Rías Baixas